Training & Outreach

trainingAt Communication Works (CW) we understand the importance of training and outreach. We believe in collaboration and the holistic impact we can have on our clients when we work with the families and team members to support them. We encourage parents/caregivers and professionals coming together and collaborating as partners. Additionally, we work hard to share our expertise by providing consultation, training, workshops, and presentations to various groups and sites such as:

  • Schools (Public and Private)
  • Centers (Infants to Adults)
  • After-School Programs            
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Medical Facilities and Organizations
  • Administrators and Staff
  • Parent/Caregiver Support Groups
  • Professional Groups
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Students

As a group of passionate and innovative therapists, we specialize in a variety of areas to promote growth in our clients. Below is a list of our areas of specialty:

  • Social Communication (including Pragmatic Language, Social Learning and Social Thinking®)
  • Self-Regulation and Sensory Processing
  • The Zones of Regulation
  • Make Social Learning Stick - How to Guide and Nurture Social Competence Through Everyday Activities
  • Collaborating with Caregivers to Make Social Learning Stick - Teaching Professionals How to Partner with Parents and Caregivers
  • Early Intervention
  • Articulation, Language, and Motor Speech Disorders
  • Executive Function Skill Coaching
  • Selective Mutism
  • Hanen® Training (Supporting a caregiver’s role in communication)
  • Speech/Articulation/Oral Motor
  • Language Developmenttraining outreach

CW can provide one-time or ongoing trainings and program development. Workshops can be customized for your specific program, staff, or client(s). The size of audience can range from large groups of teachers and/or professionals to your own child’s support team. We provide hourly, half-day, and full-day trainings as well as phone consultations and one-to-one trainings at our Center. Please contact us for more information on cost and to determine the structure that would best suit your particular needs.

Click the links below for information on our available training sessions:
Social Learning
Reinforcing Connections (Generalization Services)

"I loved the presentation and thought that the presenters were top notch, educated, informed, and great speakers. I liked that they gave us time to talk to our partners at times and had samples of the curriculum they talked about. They had great practical strategies! Best professional development in years because it was so engaging and intellectually stimulating for veteran educators." - Local Elementary School Teacher

"I would love to attend every one of Elizabeth's trainings. Great presenter, great personality!" - Local High School Teacher