Consultation services include supporting and collaborating with parents/caregivers, teachers, therapists, other educators, or individuals to provide strategies and recommendations regarding areas of need for a specific client, child, classroom, or school. We look at the overarching “big picture” with all of the moving parts involved and help to provide any missing pieces in the areas of speech, language, self-regulation, and social communication. This type of service can connect the dots, help a team work more effectively together, and accelerate progress over multiple settings.

Consultation can be customized for various settings and needs, as listed below.


  • Reviewing assessments and documentation
  • Meeting and talking with teachers to problem-solve and brainstorm solutions and strategies
  • Classroom or other school observations
  • Trainings for teachers/educators (one-to-one, small group, or larger group)
  • Classroom push-in support or whole-class lessons
  • Attending meetings to provide insight and recommendations to the team


  • Reviewing documentation or paperwork
  • Meeting and talking with parents/caregivers to problem-solve and brainstorm solutions and strategies for their child and family
  • Observing a child/client at home, in the community, or in other settings

Areas of expertise include speech/language, social communication, self-regulation, executive functioning for all ages.

Consultations can be done on the phone, in person, or via other technology. ​
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