University Internship Program

CW’s mission is to provide quality clinical training and give back to our valuable profession. Our University Internship Program allows us to partner with both local and out-of-state universities to provide graduate students with superior clinical training and offer a wide range of learning opportunities in school-based settings. Mentoring, direct and indirect clinical guidance, multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as IEP exposure and involvement are all integral to our program. Student interns are paired with Mentor SLP’s to provide optimal hands-on experiences.

Internship Supervisors

Our Internship Supervisors (Mentor SLP’s) have training in supervision and possess exceptional clinical knowledge in all areas needed to guide a graduate student through a successful school internship experience. We support and hold our Mentor SLPs to the highest level of professionalism and are proud to offer this educational path for the next generation.

Reputation Matters

Our stellar reputation in the field is based on the support we provide to our entire team, which begins with our interns and extends to our seasoned employees. If you are accepted into our University Internship Program, you will be in great hands!

Future Clinical Fellows

Communication Works ensures that students working within our program will be provided practical experiences with the guidance and support needed to build clinical skills. These skills strengthen the foundation students build from as they move towards becoming clinical fellows.

To Apply

Click the link below to provide a current resume with a cover letter specifying the designated semester or quarter to begin and your preferred age range.  Please note, an interview is required as part of our application process.

Internships | School Based | Bay Area

SLP Internship Bay Area

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