Mentorship, training, and guidance.

Our team has a well-earned reputation for excellence and has been asked to provide supervision training for district departments, university programs, and clinical teams. Leveraging a deep concentration in social learning, early intervention, and school-based service delivery, Communication Works (CW) Supervisors provide strong leadership and guidance along your path to a supervisory position.

Navigate your way: CW employees are paired with supervising mentors to help them navigate the expectations, competencies, and philosophies associated with their position. CW is recognized for excellent management of High Profile Cases (HPC). Our team of Supervisors views each case through a legally defensible lens and provides exceptional, multi-tiered support:

  • Director of Supervision
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Supervisors
  • Lead Therapists
  • Group of Specialists

Advance your clinical skills to Supervision: CW provides one-on-one training and mentorship for therapists ready to explore supervision and learn about the expectations a supervisory role entails. We instill values, promote confidence, and foster independence along the entire Continuum of Supervision:

  • Volunteers
  • Student Practicum Experiences
  • Graduate Internships
  • Clinical Fellows
  • Licensed Therapists

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