A one-of-a-kind, Clinical Fellowship experience.

Our elite Clinical Fellowship (CF) Program provides unparalleled support throughout each stage of your CF year. We build strong, confident therapists who have the highest clinical standards and are prepared for the unexpected.

From day one: Your dedicated CF Supervisor provides support — from the initial application to the State Board to the completion of the SLPCF Report and Rating Form to ASHA. Together as a team, you create a personal CF experience of growth, guidance, and support. Our Supervisors do not carry full caseloads, allowing for the highest levels of flexibility and availability. They support your personal learning style and guide you towards independence.

Preparation for challenging cases: Team meetings help you connect with others as you build your tool-kit and learn strategies and techniques to support your caseload. CW provides access to multiple layers of support for your district, caseload, and interests.

Leaders in their field: CF Supervisors are deeply experienced and have the knowledge and skills to meet your professional needs, as well as those of the students and families in your community. Your Clinical Fellowship is the start of a long-lasting relationship that fosters professional and personal growth.

A foundation for your future: Don’t settle for a standard CF Program. It’s the most important professional and clinical experience of your career. Go for the best and take advantage of everything an elite program has to offer.

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