A One-of-a-Kind Clinical Fellowship Experience

Our outstanding Clinical Fellowship (CF) Program provides unparalleled support throughout each stage of your CF year as a speech-language pathologist.

We build strong, confident speech therapists who have the highest clinical skills and are prepared for the unexpected. Based on your desires, interests, and experience, we will go above and beyond to find a placement that is the perfect fit for you

How Our Clinical Fellowship Program Works

Extensive Support

From the very beginning, your dedicated clinical fellowship supervisor provides support—from the initial application to the State Board to the completion of the SLPCF Report and Rating Form and its submission to ASHA.

Working as a team, you and your supervisor will design a personalized clinical fellowship experience filled with growth, guidance, and support. Our supervisors do not carry full caseloads, allowing for high levels of flexibility and availability. They support your personal learning style and guide you towards independence.

Access to An Entire Team of Supervisors

From the start we will match you with a supervisor who is the right fit for you. In addition to your primary clinical fellowship supervisor, you will also have access to our entire supervision team, specialists, lead therapists, a wealth of resources from our work family, and connections with your new team cohort.

Case Support

Team meetings help you connect with others as you build your tool kit and learn strategies and techniques to support your caseload. CW provides access to multiple layers of support for your district, caseload, and interests to help you thrive.

Exceptional Expertise

All of our clinical fellowship supervisors have great experience and are leaders in their field. The support our supervisors are able to provide is unique because they carry little to no caseload, making them more available to give you the support you need. Your clinical fellowship is the start of a long-lasting relationship that fosters professional and personal growth.

A Strong Career Foundation

Don’t settle for the standard clinical fellowship. This important initial decision will pave the way for your entire career and set the tone for everything that follows. Take advantage of everything that our elite program has to offer. You won’t regret it!

Collage of Clinical Fellows at different End of Year Parties