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A Time to Reflect

by Jillian LeVos-Carlson, M.S., CCC-SLP I recently attended my company’s end-of-year party, where we were encouraged to reflect on the recent school year and think of the growth and challenges we’d experienced and what we’d learned and might want to store in our memory for the future. The first thing that came to mind was […] ...Read More
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Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month

Providing Tips and Tools to Support Great Communication and Connection Did you know that May is Better Hearing and Speech Month? We’re eager to raise awareness about the importance of speech, language, and hearing, the foundation of our ability to communicate and connect with others. Making oneself understood and understanding other people through words, gestures, […] ...Read More
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Autism Awer and Accept

Clients Speak Out About Living with Autism

At CW, we often teach the skill of “perspective taking,” or putting oneself into another person’s shoes/mindset. To build awareness and acceptance for autism, I decided to turn the tables. I asked some of our clients to describe for those who don’t have autism what it’s like and provide suggestions about how we can build […] ...Read More
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Tools to Try: Jenga

Our therapists often adapt commonly used games as tools for building speech, language, and social communication skills. We wanted to share some of these activities that teachers and caregivers may find fun and useful and that can be easily tailored for specific children’s needs. The first is Jenga, recommended by CW therapist Theresa Christiansen. Jenga […] ...Read More
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Wiggly Kids? Try Classroom Focus Tools.

For kids who need to settle and focus, the answer may be a fidget or what are also know as “focus tools”. Many teachers use “fidgets” (small objects that keep the hands or body busy) to help with self-regulation and boost focus and attention. Research shows that allowing students to fidget can increase their ability […] ...Read More
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Put Social Learning into Vacation Mode

Summer offers a welcome break from the school routine, but time off doesn’t mean putting social learning on hold.  Summer vacations can be the perfect time to embrace teachable social moments and can even make your travels more enjoyable. As you plan a trip, hit the road, and visit new places, kids can also build their […] ...Read More
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Improving on Whole Body Listening Larry

Here at CW, we’re delighted to announce that two good books have been made better.  Whole Body Listening Larry At School and Whole Body Listening Larry At Home teach children to improve their listening, attention, and social skills through the concept of Whole Body Listening (WBL). Although this might seem simple, WBL is actually very […] ...Read More
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Metacognition and Self-Regulation

As adults, we spend an extraordinary amount of time thinking we’ve got our students’ and children’s problems figured out: “I know why he’s mad…it’s because he can’t get the Legos to fit together!” “She must be sulking because her friends left her out during recess today” Grown ups certainly have more life experience than kids, and sometimes […] ...Read More
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Getting Into the Zone

Elizabeth Sautter, MA SLP, CCC Well-intended advice, like “calm down,“ “take a breath,” or “pay attention,” is often not enough. Many children and adults need support and specific tools for regulating their emotions, impulses, and sensory needs. Those who are unable to control their internal state and/or behaviors often experience negative reactions in social situations […] ...Read More
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Hidden Rules of Halloween

We live in a world with many social rules that are important to be aware of and follow. Many of these rules are spelled out clearly and many are hidden. ...Read More
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