20 years of service to our community.

Communication Works (CW) provides a supportive and collaborative experience, helping speech therapists advance their development, both personally and professionally. We’ve delivered quality services for nearly 20 years, and have become an asset to the communities we serve.

We evolved from a small group of like-minded speech pathologists that shared both personal and professional interests and goals.  Their shared vision and passion of collaborating with other professionals across multiple disciplines laid the ground work for the company we are today.

The growth of CW began with Elizabeth Sautter following the ideas and passion of the group by providing private services and, overtime, expanding the delivery of those services with other therapists.  One of those therapists, Hillary Kissack, would soon become the other half of CW. Working from the trunks of their car, the duo developed a reputation in the immediate community leading to an increased demand of the services they were providing.  CW began to take on a life of its own with Elizabeth and Hillary formalizing their partnership and opening their first Center in Oakland CA.

In the Fall of 2007, CW expanded to the public and private school sector laying the foundation for the CW that is thriving today.  The growth of CW focused on hiring and retaining quality therapist that shared the passion and vision of the founders. The main objective was to hire, supervise and train speech therapist to be well rounded clinicians and equipped to provide quality services in all settings.

For almost 20 years, CW has provided an atmosphere for therapist to grow personally and professionally by providing a supportive employee experience that focusses on supervision, professional development and embracing a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to therapy.

Through time CW’s mission of providing quality services and becoming an asset to the community has continued to be its primary focus.

Meet the Founders

Hillary Kissack, M.A., CCC-SLP
Executive Director/Co-Owner

Elizabeth Sautter, M.A., CCC-SLP
Executive Director/Co-Owner

Author of Make Social Learning Stick

Co-Author of the Whole Body Listening Larry book series