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Clinical Fellow


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Professional training from a State-certified Continuing Education provider.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our clients, families, schools, and communities by providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations; consultations; and treatment for speech, language, social, self-regulation, sensory processing, and occupational therapy disorders. We view our clients, parents, schools, and centers as partners allowing us to support the “whole” client and work towards a common goal: helping others to communicate and connect to their fullest potential.

A Meaningful Career in Speech Pathology

Put your passion to work helping individuals and families
  • What made CW the right company for me was the relationships. I feel there is mutual respect and loyalty between supervisors and employees, as well as genuine friendships between peers that would be difficult to match anywhere else.
  • I chose and have stayed with CW because the company itself was created and is operated by experienced SLPs which means they know what our jobs entail and therefore know how to best support us. Additionally, the CW team is composed of many SLPs that are an incredible resource of knowledge in different areas and are always willing and open to share that knowledge. The supervisors at CW are experienced and knowledgeable and i know that the high quality of supervision i received during my CFY helped me flourish as a clinician. During my time with CW I’ve realized that they always find ways to make me feel supported and appreciated.
  • CW goes ABOVE and BEYOND in supporting and guiding SLPs.